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Shonai area


Dewa San-zan was generic name of Mt. Haguro-san, Mt. Gassan, Mount Yudono, and Miyama has been said by praying that person was reborn. It absorbs energy of nature with nature all in one body in the body, and do you not actually experience moral culture of Buddhist monk from Japanese ancient times?

Ideha Cultural Memorial Hall
Buddhist monk Watanabe good omen

"yurano blessings of nature" "taste of yurano food" "warms up of person from yurano" at the country, fishing village, village…Please sense bodily…

Leader Katsuzo Saito

Recommended experience

Step 1

Zen meditation…We aim, and iza leaves the mountaintop if we quiet mind and body in holy nature!

Step 2

Mt. Haguro-san stone stairway…If we become Buddhist monk completely and climb stone stairway, let's put hands together in Sanjin-go-saiden at the mountaintop!

Step 3

Seine net…Fish of the sea near the shore produced in the cold Sea of Japan will be what.

Step 4

Seafood barbecue…Self-sufficiency of the sea! Taste of fresh fishery products which we caught by oneself is particular.

Experience-based facility


Dorter town which linked approximately 30 houses in the foot of Haguro prospered as temple town to invite people who went and worshiped in Dewa San-zan from ancient times to. We eat Buddhist cuisine before Dewa San-zan visiting a shrine and, in white clothing (shiroshozoku), are place of ketsusai (kessai) cleansing the body and are live culture facility which embodies, and conveys culture of Dewa San-zan. For example, we can learn the history, culture and wisdom of relation and life of meal from Buddhist cuisine which has been inherited from old days.
■Location Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi district

Ideha Cultural Memorial Hall

It is facility which we learn the history and culture of Dewa San-zan, the world of mountaineering asceticism and can experience. We introduce the world and Buddhist monk ascetic practices of Dewa San-zan in "picture theater" which made full use of picture full of a sense of reality. When there is power to get rid of delusion in tone of conch (there is brag) which Buddhist monk of Dewa San-zan has, and to expel, it is said to be. Precious shi*taigen of this conch (there is brag) is made.
■Location Haguromachitouge, Tsuruoka-shi chief of a temple south 72
■Telephone: 0235-62-4727
■FAX: 0235-62-4729
■URL: This
■Parking lot: Available
■Admission charges: 200 yen (in the small)
 300 yen (high very much)
 400 yen (adult)
■Opening time: Whole year
■Closed on Tuesdays
■E-mail: This

Buddhist monk experience in village "Dewa San-zan" of mountaineering asceticism
Let's enjoy fishery experience at the Yaotome shore related to legend!
Main image
Sacred place Dewa San-zan (Mt. Gassan, Mt. Haguro-san, Mount Yudono) of mountain worship of 1,400 years,
Prince Hachikono-Oji which is cousin of Prince Shotoku is said to be initiator in princes of the Emperor Sushun.

Prince entered way of faith in hope of peace and relief of people in disfavor with fight.
Prince who went ashore is met in Yaotome by country, Yura Coast of Dewa,
We are said to be derived by sacred bird mythical crow (yatagarasu), and to have arrived at Mt. Haguro-san.

In the history and classic Dewa, Shonai area facing the prefecture only Sea of Japan,
It is program that can experience "agriculture" "mountain" "fishing" all.
Dewa San-zan, Mt. Haguro-san
Okoso, Sanjin-go-saiden of the Tohoku best that enshrining of more than two deities made three shrines of Mt. Gassan, Mt. Haguro-san, Mount Yudono in Mt. Haguro-san, national treasure Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda of the Tohoku oldest, traditional culture that was authorized in Mt. Haguro-san approach to a shrine Suginami Thu of natural monument, Michelin green guide Japon including feather 3, Kuroyama basket place Shinto priest-purification shelter is particularly varied.

Yura Coast, hachiotsujora
We can observe Yura Coast, hachiotsujora where Prince Hachikono-Oji is said to have gone ashore while enjoying cruising. Yura Coast is Japanese 100, Nagisa choice, 100 selections of setting sun, and Yaotome image meets.

Recommended Course (primary schoolchild, 2 days and 1 night)

The first day
Irimura type
We experience agriculture on Shonai plains
Farmhouse vacation rental (night)
The second day
Shut village type
JA Amarume country elevator visit
Win Dome Tachikawa (wind-generated electricity learning)

Experience-based contents

What kind of thing does farming family do? You stay at rice-transplanting, vegetables crop, fruit crop, farmhouse

What is country elevator? Flow (fir tree ~ drying ~ silo storage ~ hulling the rice) of rice

What is wind-generated electricity? We learn secret to change wind power of rare strong wind zone into electricity nationwide.

Learning effect

We learn work and living of farmhouse and know preciousness of "meal".

We learn flow of rice before rice-transplanting leading to shipment, work process, distribution.

Environmental energy that is kind to the earth is turned on and learns.

Recommended Course (junior high student, 3 days and 2 nights)

The first day
Ideha Cultural Memorial Hall (meeting)
Lecture of "Buddhist monk"
We are relaxed in Zen meditation experience
The Mt. Haguro-san stone stairway up (national treasure Five Storeyed Pagoda)
Sanjin-go-saiden (Okoso who performed enshrining of more than two deities of three shrines of Mt. Gassan, Mt. Haguro-san, Mount Yudono)
Staying in dorter experience
The second day
Religious service, cleaning, breakfast
Walk of dorter street
Ideha Cultural Memorial Hall (dissolution)
Irimura-type Yura Coast (place of Dewa San-zan initiator "Prince Hachikono-Oji" landing)
Seine net experience
Lunch sea foods bar be cue
Fishing village experience (overnight dried squid, seaweed dyeing, cruising)
Fisherman's house guest house (night)
The third day
The voluntary training or workplace on-site training

[the voluntary training]
・Tsurugaoka Castle ruins outskirts Courses
・Educational institution for han children Chido Museum
・Tsuruoka Catholic Church Tenshudo
・The Shuhei Fujisawa Memorial
・Taihokan building
・Chido Museum

[workplace on-site training]
・Guidance guide ・ of member of selling directly to the consumer, medium experience, hotel duties, tourist facility
・Italian restaurant, salesperson of sightseeing product building

Learning effect

Put the body to nature of Dewa San-zan, Old; is a chance to reflect oneself by experiencing mountaineering asceticism culture that has been inherited more ceaselessly.

We learn way of life in accord with nature through a sense of unity of seine net, living and interchange of fishing village.

We know structure of community by workplace on-site training and bring up independent spirit and aggressiveness.

| which comes in contact with person for living Impression experience

  • Jellyfish learning society, collection observation meeting

    After having learned about wonder of jellyfishes such as life or breeding, classification of jellyfish in Kamo aquarium proud of number of the display kinds world one of jellyfish, we observe jellyfish inhabiting the actually familiar sea. Teaching materials learning to school year is popular.
    *June, 2014 reopening

    Tsuruoka City Kamo aquarium
    656, Okubo, Imaizumi, Tsuruoka-shi
    Acceptance period
    Whole year
    Target school year
    Small 1 ~
    The acceptance number of people
    Each time to 40 people
    (more than 40 cases support at multiple times)
    Experience-based time
    Approximately 50 minutes
  • Starlit sky observation

    Astronomical observation facility in hill of "Chokai-no-Mori Forest" eminent Japan in I seeing star very well.
    In silver heavenly bodies Dome, we can collect light of 5,000 times of human eyes. We can observe star using Tohoku largest 500mm reflecting telescope.

    Astronomical Observation Hall "Cosmos Dome"
    shudenshido*jinchiromuki 20-2
    0234-61-4012/ closed days 0234-62-2633 (Chokai-no-Mori Forest)
    0234-62-2792 (Chokai-no-Mori Forest)
    Acceptance period
    [on Friday] For from 19:30 to 21:30 from 11:00 to 17:00,
    [on Saturday] From 19:30 to 21:30 [on Sunday] from 11:00 to 17:00
    Target school year
    Small 3 ~
    The acceptance number of people
    20 people - 25 people
    Experience-based time
    Around one hour
    50 yen (primary, middle and high schools) 100 yen (adult)
  • Country elevator visit

    Shonai plains are Japan's leading rice granaries. It is country elevator to have been born from wish to keep the freshness, and to want to send delicious rice to consumers. We learn function of country elevator including storage, drying, adjustment of rice.

    Amarume-cho agricultural cooperative
    Amarume, Shonai-machi character three Yachi 172
    Acceptance period
    From November to August (osodan)
    The acceptance number of people
    40 people - 50 people
    Experience-based time
    40 minutes
    Please refer. (osodan)
  • Wind-generated electricity visit, learning society

    Shonai area is the whole country, but is known as rare strong wind zone. We adopted wind-generated electricity ahead of the whole country to utilize the strong wind as energy that was kind to the earth. In facility, wind and on-site training about wind-generated electricity are possible, and there is local visit of windmill, too.

    Win Dome Tachikawa (Shonai-machi windmill village center)
    Karikawa, Shonai-machi character Mt. Kasa-yama 444-9
    Acceptance period
    Monday closing (whole year)
    Target school year
    Small 1 ~
    The acceptance number of people
    50 people - 80 people
    Experience-based time
    Around one hour (picture learning 30 minutes)

Information Desk

Association of Shonai sightseeing convention
TEL: 0235-68-2511
E-mail: shonai@mokkedano.net

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