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Trip to Yamagata
Yamagata on-site training | See, and touch, and feel, and Marukajiri Yamagata

[Hokkaido departure and arrival] We mention Aizu and the Okitama history and warmth of person

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By the Hokkaido Shinkansen opening of business, Yamagata Prefecture became more and more imminent. It is the voluntary training and Courses which waits, and stepped over Fukushima Aizu area that is popular spot of walk and Yamagata Prefecture, South Tohoku three prefectures of Miyagi.

The days: 3 days and 2 nights
Time: The green period (from April to November)
Kind: Nature, culture, the history, experience
Object: Junior high student
Contact information Yamagata Prefecture education trip invitation meeting TEL 023-647-2333

Course road map

The first day

We learn the history in Aizu area before visiting Yamagata Prefecture. Town walk is most suitable for the voluntary training with popularity, too.

In the morning: X (or in the train lunch)  Noon: * (in in Aizuwakamatsu-shi or the bus inside of car)  Evening: 〇
Akayu Onsen (Nanyo-shi)
The second day

"Farming experience" that there are a lot of impression and discovery "farmhouse vacation rental experience" is possible. Contact with local people is valuable experience, too.

In the morning: * (inn, hotel)  Noon: * (at acceptance home)  Evening: * (at acceptance home)
Each Okitama area district farmhouse vacation rental, guest house
The third day

Over "Risshaku-ji Temple (Risshaku-ji Temple) which is known for Basho Matsuo "Oku-no-Hosomichi"," we learn deeply about history.

In the morning: * (each vacation rental)  Noon: 〇  Evening: -

Total:170,355,334 Today:41,893 Yesterday:154,652