Mt. Haguro-san date lip

Trip to Yamagata

[for a limited time!] Mt. Haguro-san date lip which goes from Yamagata Station, Tendo Hot Springs

To "Niigata, Shonai area DC" holding, we operate tour bus binding Shonai area and Murayama area together for a limited time. We leave Yamagata Station (via Tendo Hot Springs) and are bus tour that we can enjoy Mt. Haguro-san in a day. Let alone the round-trip use, the one-way use is possible, too. Use route bus from Mt. Haguro-san, in movement in Tsuruoka-shi and Yamagata-shi from Mt. Haguro-san is convenient for movement.

[service period]
From Saturday, October 26 to Saturday, November 9
[service schedule]
    The Yamagata Station - Tendo Hot Springs - Mt. Haguro-san Shinto door front - Mt. Haguro-san mountaintop
(outward trip) 9:15 →  9:45 →  11:30   → 11:50
(return journey) 16:15 ← 15:45 ←←← 14:00
[tour costs]
Yamagata Station ⇔ Mt. Haguro-san one way one 2,500 yen
Tendo Hot Springs ⇔ Mt. Haguro-san one way one 2,000 yen
※We need four minimum passenger count, prior application (until day before 18:00)

Trip plan, conduct: DMC Tendo Hot Springs
1-3-38, Kamata, Tendo-shi, Yamagata 023-654-6699
Yamagata Prefecture governor registration travel agency 2-284
General trip duties handling chief person Shinji Nagayama
※We prepare for brochure which listed detailed trip contents, condition and trip condition book. You request brochures, and apply after checking contents beforehand.
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