Higashine Wakatsuki Confectionery

Higashine Wakatsuki Confectionery ひがしねかしほ
Japanese confectionery of historical Sakata. We can taste at reasonable price casually.
It is founded as store specializing in Japanese confectioneries in 1876.
Kind of cake which there was in season is abundant, and approximately 1,000 kinds of cakes are provided in one year and are taste that the number of it is how many and can eat with refined taste and sweetness.
As tea which there is provides chair chair so that it is eaten on the spot, we can drop in at break that was tired from trip.
As specialty dish "Japanese mountain rose steamed bun" is offered at reasonable price, you can enjoy Japanese confectionery casually.
  • Name Higashine Wakatsuki Confectionery
  • Location 1-16, Chuonishimachi, Sakata-shi
  • Business Hours 9:00-17:30
  • Closed On Sunday
  • Access It is car 13 minutes from car five minutes or 10-minute walk, Sakata IC from JR Sakata Station
  • Parking lot Six
  • URL http://www.higasinekasiho.com/
[Last updated] January 04, 2019
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