iwaoshinkengenkyomugi いわがみごんげんそば
Genuine Juwari soba that self is soba which we cultivated and hits
Shop of ten break sides that self is only side that we cultivated and hits Iwao God honorific title of a Japanese god side in Akamatsu district with Okura-mura Yunodai. Side that the master who knew everything about property of soba hits keeps soba original stickiness to have alive and does not use filler at all. First; when eat, "really as for this soba let's be to think to be 100%". Mother homemade small dish of adding of side is popular, too.
  • Name iwaoshinkengenkyomugi
  • Location Form prefecture 663, Akamatsu, Okura-mura, Mogami-gun
  • Phone number 0233-75-2150
  • Business Hours From 11:30 to 14:00
  • Closed No fixed holiday
  • Access Is car than JR Shinjo Station; approximately 20 minutes
  • Parking lot Five
  • Contact information Iwao God honorific title of a Japanese god soba
  • URL http://www.greenricefarm.com/soba.html
[Last updated] March 12, 2013
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