Side Jiro Yagame

Noodle shop Tortoise Jiro そばや かめじろう
Flavor, fragrance, eminent drinkability are exquisiteness
Please eat Zaru soba and Itasoba.

Soba is closing a bargain every morning.
Therefore it is chewy, and there is resistance to the teeth, too.
Filler wants to reduce as much as possible.
However, we are doing with 10:1 as there is eminent drinkability.
Therefore we understand the taste of side well.
  • Name Side Jiro Yagame
  • Location Asahi-machi, Nishimurayama-gun larger section of a village harmony 2737-4
  • Phone number 0237-67-3333
  • FAX number 0237-67-3333
  • Business Hours From 11:00 to 15:00
  • Closed On Wednesdays
  • Access [from Yamagata, Sagae, Higashine, the Hebei area]
    From the Yamagata area from Route 112 Route 458 (in front of Yamagata Prefecture baseball field)
    You enter Route 287, and please go to the Yonezawa area (south surface) afterwards.
    [from Yonezawa, Nagai, the Shirataka area]
    Please go to Yamagata, Higashine, the Shinjyo area (north surface) at Route 287.
  • Contact information Side Jiro Yagame
  • URL
[Last updated] August 28, 2018
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