Restaurant koumesaki りょうてい かめざき
Restaurant which conveys feature of flower opened Sakata, Minato-cho by founding, trade of goods-carrying merchant ship in 1854 of last years of Edo era
When spring still comes, Furuki of plum which store's name was derived from makes pretty flower bloom.
The current chef de cuisine gives creation to taste of Kyoto-style and expresses the best like Sakata to dishes.
Is hesitation that can eat without reservation; is really character of Sakata.
The five senses are right pleased with cooking of the four seasons when innovation fused with tradition wonderfully; is tasteful.
  • Name ryoteikoumesaki
  • Location 1-3-16, Hiyoshicho, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-23-3366
  • FAX number 0234-23-3368
  • Business Hours 11:30-22:00
  • Closed No fixed holiday
  • Access It is car 13 minutes from car five minutes or 19-minute walk, Sakata IC from JR Sakata Station
  • Parking lot 15 lots available
  • URL http://www.sakata-kamezaki.jp/
  • Others Card is available
[Last updated] January 04, 2019
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