ogikanko Bracken (warabi) garden

ogikanko Bracken (warabi) garden おぎかんこうわらびえん
Opening of the park period: The mid-May and late June
Opening of the park Sun: Every Sunday, Wednesday
  • Name ogikanko Bracken (warabi) garden
  • Location 174-1, Ogi, Nanyo-shi
  • Phone number 090-7562-1520 (Kato)
  • Business Hours From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (two hours)
    (reception desk 8:30 ~)
  • Access Sendai, Yamagata area = 348 way
    From shotakiogijikukendo 5 Kuromori wide area forest road
    About 4km, Climbing kiln during period are marks in the Kaminoyama-shi area
  • Parking lot Free of charge, approximately 100 possibilities
  • Contact information Ogiu product forestry owners' association
  • URL http://www.city.nanyo.yamagata.jp/kankoosirase/788.html
  • PDF file PDF download
[Last updated] March 01, 2017
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