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Azuma sightseeing orchard わがつまかんこうかじゅえん
Sankurambo and grape of gennoyaku,
We pick off without reservation and are served unlimitedly!
We take doggy together.
  • Name Azuma sightseeing orchard
  • Location 1882, Banseichozusayama, Yonezawa-shi
  • Phone number 0238-28-5431
  • FAX number 0238-28-5071
  • Business Hours The mid-June and early July (plan)
    From 8:00 to 17:00
  • Closed It is without holiday during period
  • Admission Cherry picking
    All-you-can-eat for 30 minutes
    More than junior high student: 1,200 yen
    Primary schoolchild: 1,000 yen
    Infant: 500 yen
    3 years old or younger: Free

    [Delaware hunting]
    Adult: 700 yen
    Primary schoolchild: 500 yen
    Infant for free

    [kind except Delaware]
    Adult 1,200 yen
    Primary schoolchild 1,000 yen
    Infant 500 yen
    Free of charge lower than 3 years old child
  • Access From Yonezawa Station a 5-minute walk from bus 20 minutes
    Route 13 is along
    It is two minutes by car from / Tohoku Chuo Expressway, Hachimanpara IC
  • Parking lot Car: 50 lots available
    Trailer bus: Four
  • Contact information Azuma sightseeing orchard
  • URL
  • Remarks ※By state of future weather and Sankurambo, opening of the park Sun or rate may be changed.
    Please confirm the information with the orchard before going.
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