Sun of long Horse meat

Sun of long Horse meat ながいばにくのひ
August 29 is "Sun of long Horse meat" strategy!
Because there is unique culture to eat Horse meat dishes such as "basashi" which is uncommon in other areas "horse roasted pork fillets" routinely in Nagai-shi, in Nagai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we establish August 29 in "Sun of long Horse meat" for the first time in the whole country in 2012. We add to "Horse meat ramen" which Horse meat roasted pork fillet appeared in and, in the case of festival and Events including "Horse meat croquette" "Horse meat sausage", appear to artefact which we can eat casually, and Horse meat food culture becomes more and more popular. For Horse meat, Nagai Chamber of Commerce and Industry official recognition character "bar Nic Nagai appears, too" and works on PR of Horse meat and Nagai in various Events in the city. Of original which treated "bar Nic Nagai" in restaurant which Horse meat in the city could eat overcharge, and install flag, and is distribution in map.
In addition, Events symbolizing Sun of Horse meat which we raised in citizen's volunteers on August 29 is held every year.
  • Name Sun of long Horse meat
  • Location Open space in front of the Honcho, Nagai-shi Kuwajima Memorial
  • Phone number 0238-84-5394
  • FAX number 038-88-3778
  • Business Hours ※As for the Details, please see HP.
  • Contact information Nagai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • URL
[Last updated] March 05, 2019
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