Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Sakata-shi (Sakata district)

The station Tosan the sun and the moon eaves

With soup mellow clearly utilized taste of soup stock of fishery products waist.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

mentoko abe

Ingredients are bean sprouts, cabbage, ground meat, but, as for the secret of taste, this; is white.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

The Nakamachi crescent moon eaves

Simple soy sauce taste that we used dried small sardines, kombu for abundantly lacks in appetite.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Sea bass

Taste and mizuna greens to eat after dissolving half-boiled egg in soup plainly.

[Sakata-shi (Yahata district), Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Noodles studio Sarashina

Won ton and taste ball homemade to roasted pork fillet of ribs and chuck of Sangenton.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Discerning miso studio and others ~ noodles *

Wheat flour of domestic highest grade grade, baked salt of Okinawa, * which let you mature slowly and carefully.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]


Is particular about self noodle making, and feature curl noodles of hand fir tree; in connection with soup of material.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

In every real closing a deal field

Only using material natural in shop where blackboard wall and lattice door are atmospheric of feelings.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]


Side well-established in Sakata more than founding 80 years and long-established store more than founding 80.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Teuchi soba Dewa

ban kigurumino Inaka soba and sweetness using gen soba from Yamagata Prefecture are modest; aki.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Bar of Hisamura

It is bar which is traditional liquor shop. It is now with local sake of Shonai together.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Bar Rokkasen

It is made with figure and serves seasonal local fish sashimi which went up at the Shonai beach. .

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Young leave inn restaurant sprout

It is thing, season of the ground in restaurant of atmosphere that Sakata whom there is the sea, mountain, river in does not give glory to.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Restaurant Hamanasu (Central Hotel 2F)

Commencing with banquet, dinner meeting, please use Buddhist memorial service or business talk.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]


Feature of Sakata, Minato-cho where flower opened by founding, trade of goods-carrying merchant ship in 1854 of last years of Edo era.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Cooking Jiro soldier of the Imperial Guard

While being surrounded by the history of founding 1877 and masterpieces of famous painter, private room deyu.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Cooking yoshinoya

We enjoy elaborate Japanese cuisine slowly in quiet room Arrival at omission.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Relaxation wari*shiban

Good location, purasuboryu which can eat while looking at Sankyo Warehouse.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Cooking dining room Kiku Izu, jushitokobuzo

Our store is shop of fish shop. Kiku Izu Japanese dishes, Musashi in sushi, Tomo of four seasons folds.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Fish bower iizaka

Seasonal fish and seasonal taste to taste in local fish 1994 opening. We work as fishmonger before.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]
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