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Grape picking [Sagae-shi]

Large drop of grape-limited! It is go wa .. in sunny rouge, pyuone, season including Kyoho



There are various lunches in side dish and shop of lunch. It is bill of fare by season.


Treasure sushi

As it is reservation sales people, please feel free to contact on the telephone. When make a reservation, deliver food to order;.



It is place of recreation and relaxation for local person.


nakayama foodservice

Send party and dishes, drink of meeting, more popular Yamagata.


Karaoke studio don

There is not person who does not know in people liking karaoke in near Toyota Elementary School;.


Dumpling of Akiko

Take-out that Aoba, Nakayama-machi animal hospital is opposite is made; shop of eating.



Red paper lantern which provides delicious Yakitori and liquor at good arrangement.


Bar multi-large dream

It is near Nakayama-machi synthesis gymnasium and is bar to be able to overwhelm casually. himawa.


Wakatsuki Confectionery Okuyama

With recommended "bread de chocolate" heavy chocolate.


Confectionery Darumaya

Fatty tuna re-no cream puff crispy and soft with cream to put on the spot! Of season.


Nakayama-machi information, product building ○ tto

Unless local vegetables and fruit are put as direct marketing, mother santa of farmhouse.



There are various kinds of seasonal eclair, cakes. It is delicious in shop.


Kanazawa Kura

Soba which is full of flavors is exquisite. Tempura, stewed services are excellent at affinity.


Ramen tensho

Though of course soup is delicious, too, manager pride is self noodle making!


Soba restaurant green leaves

Though Niku soba of specialty of Yamagata or geso sky colander are very popular; Chinese food.


Chinese sobasatake

When soup is delicious; is Chinese noodles of reputation from old days. Dondonyaki is tea, too.


shimbori dining room

There are a lot of noted products including stew and takoyaki, but noodles are delicious, too.


Yasuda bakery

Fragrance of fresh one bread opening in shop such as school to feel nostalgia for. .



Between the stylish sky with baked confectionery of unique coffee and sweet fragrance.

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