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"It is salt Kokura yokan with well-established confectionary salt which has ever run salt wholesale dealer.


Kamimura Fruits Farm

Cherry picking, apple picking


Sato-ya confectionary

Ornament of lion enshrined at entrance is mark. As Gifts of Kawanishi-machi root.


Kotobuki ゞ joy shop

Hit regular, is sweet.slightly



Ramen which owner provided as meals cooking of shop is size of customer.

[Yonezawa-shi, Yonezawa-shi]


Cafe with open terrace in front of N T T. To parents with their children.


Yamagata Steak & Cafe Restaurant airship

Popular Yonezawa beef hamburger which was taken a lot away in the media.


This and firewood

Sell seasonal fruit, vegetables that ice-cream cone is fresh and seasonal fruit.


beni flower hermitage

Including shop ukogi software and Yonezawa ramen which can thoroughly enjoy local dishes, it is rice.


About the same ramen HONTEN

Large noodles are getting out dried small sardines soup of feelings and our .. affecting well among home brews


With Mt. restaurant

Founding from 1964. The master of the second generation is i in shop in current place.


With mountain in front of Yamadai

Soup using beef fat of Yonezawa beef is ramen which punch worked for. koda.


Mountain and the head office

Yonezawa ramen restaurant on behalf of Yonezawa. Low Sioux noodles of storekeeper recommendation are fields.


Soba restaurant Yahei

Originally it is self in domestic raw materials which selected carefully because we ran flour milling business.


Restaurant Maki

Shop which did OPEN after it was the Heisei era. Originally it is cultivated self in farmhouse.


Maizuru dining room

Take soup stock to base with dried small sardines, sect field clause, and put secret nonreturn together; soup.


Side and the biography right e gate

Dewa fragrance self cultivation that is full of flavors. heida. Slightly heavy. In "the rice cake sky.


Person of Kotobuki ゞ joy

Old .. founded in 1712 (Shotoku 2) when "Saigo bill" at the time of Boshin War is left


Meal Syogetsu

Full-bodied soup which we stew cow bone of Yonezawa beef slowly and carefully and finished is every day.


Katsuracho Sapporo

Noodles which we kneaded by kansuinomide hand carefully let you mature for three or four days. In the result.

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