Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (others)

It is PIA aimlessly Roadside Station Hebei

It is Roadside Station which Route 287 running in Kahoku-cho of Nishimurayama-gun is along. .


Outlook on Asahi nature restaurants Gyor

Hotel natural view that white wall is characterized by. It is ji tsu .. by cardiac function out of one of outlook on Asahi nature


Dining & bar KaRaKaRa

Dishes which are delicious in space where suspension of business ~ is stylish by ~ convenience for the time being.


Udon city

It is store specializing in udon. Strong Sanuki-udon of waist of closing a bargain has resistance to the teeth.


Spice kitchen GARBANZO

We opened in Kawanishi-machi, It is shop of real curry and naan hot from the oven.


Koikawa brewing

U.S. fantastic liquor of Honcho origin with feelings for the word "local sake"; "tortoise.


Person of farmhouse restaurant agriculture

.., restaurant U.S. farming family of the U.S. farmhouse "wants you to eat a lot of rice"


gintoko Miyama bower


Owl village

Roadside Station ASAHI waits, and they are in "Mori of apple" than October 1, 2015.


Kawanoeki Yanachaya Mogami

Would you you like to come to take rest while it is surrounded by seasonal scenery? ya ..


Slash-and-burn agriculture atsumikabu

It is cultivated in slash-and-burn agriculture atsumikabuha, traditional slash-and-burn agriculture agricultural methods. .

[Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

Citron hermitage Yonezawa shop

Citron hermitage where serves sushi, shabu-shabu unlimitedly. Of fresh material and feelings.


Closing a deal side of Koesawa

In the foot of Mt. Maya-san, Koesawa (koesawa) district, "it is Koesawa side to the people in the know.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]


There are various lunches in side dish and shop of lunch. It is bill of fare by season.



It is place of recreation and relaxation for local person.


nakayama foodservice

Send party and dishes, drink of meeting, more popular Yamagata.


Karaoke studio don

There is not person who does not know in people liking karaoke in near Toyota Elementary School;.


Dumpling of Akiko

Take-out that Aoba, Nakayama-machi animal hospital is opposite is made; shop of eating.



Red paper lantern which provides delicious Yakitori and liquor by good arrangement.


Bar multi-large dream

It is near Nakayama-machi synthesis gymnasium and is bar to be able to overwhelm casually. himawa.

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