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Roadside Station Shiroimori Oguni

Roadside Station "Shiroimori Oguni" is national highway 113 gosenen of 5� from Niigata prefectural border to the east.


Teahouse energy supplying mochi of mountain pass

Other than "energy supplying mochi of mountain pass" which is popular as Yonezawa souvenir of 100% of sticky rice is freshly made.


River Station Yana-cha-ya Mogami (tea house)

Sweetfish is one of them including delicious Mogami premature delivery Juwari soba in Yana-cha-ya Mogami (tea house) completely.


Sanchoku Agri

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and local specialty product such as pickles are sold. Route 112.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Kushibiki district)]

Daimon sushi

It is sushi bar in Sekine. Usually need reservations, but weekdays lunch gen.


Bar Ryuusen


There is shokusaitoko; clogs

It is all .. in shokusaitoko delicious Delicacy which is, and was brought up as for the clogs by nature of local Yamagata


Teahouse of mountain pass

At Route 113, it is the left soon across Utsu Pass tunnel from Iide-machi.


We see and are good

Taste two mer Chinese noodles with fried vegetables that recommendation is addicted. Of Buddhist memorial service, auspicious occasion.


Coffee beans and container bean ichi

Jazz is 26 kinds of coffee in flow, shop where old photograph is displayed of hometown.


Chinese food Kita tower


It is PIA aimlessly Roadside Station Hebei ※We are closed now

It is Roadside Station which Route 287 running in Kahoku-cho of Nishimurayama-gun is along. ".


Waiting for cafe meal


Soba restaurant ajikoba

Recommendation    Chinese bamboo shoots Niku soba, beef sinew oil Tsukesoba


Drive-in gojo


mahoroba hideaway restaurant

Takahata-machi (mahorobano village) is dotted with "mahoroba hideaway restaurants".


Spice kitchen GARBANZO

We opened in Kawanishi-machi, It is shop of real curry and naan hot from the oven. .


Pine drive-in of Onoue


Sagae Dam drive-in

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