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Roadside Station Shiroimori Oguni

Roadside Station "Shiroimori Oguni" is national highway 113 gosenen of 5� from Niigata prefectural border to the east.


River Station Yana-cha-ya Mogami (tea house)

Sweetfish is one of them including delicious Mogami premature delivery Juwari soba in Yana-cha-ya Mogami (tea house) completely.


Teahouse energy supplying mochi of mountain pass

Other than "energy supplying mochi of mountain pass" which is popular as Yonezawa souvenir of 100% of sticky rice is freshly made.


mahoroba hideaway restaurant

Takahata-machi (mahorobano village) is dotted with "mahoroba hideaway restaurants".


Sanchoku Agri

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and local specialty product such as pickles are sold. Route 112.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Kushibiki district)]

Curry bread of Ginzan Hot Springs

Curry bread tour conductor ichio of "Haikarasan-dori Street" in Ginzan Hot Springs.


Hanagasa drive-in


As for the wheat

Resistance to the teeth with waist and simple flavor are specialties of Tsuruoka of popularity. Than udon thin ..

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district), Tsuruoka-shi (Fujishima district), Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district), Tsuruoka-shi (Kushibiki district), Tsuruoka-shi (Asahi district), Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

Teahouse of mountain pass

At Route 113, it is the left soon across Utsu Pass tunnel from Iide-machi.


Hide Ringo Onsen restaurant; Sayuri

We can enjoy seasonal taste of Asahi-machi. Apple noodles of specialty of Ringo Onsen.


This Shonai aunt village komagi

It is compound facility where hot spring, restaurant, direct marketing became one. In natural hot spring.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Person of farmhouse restaurant agriculture

It is volost to deal in thought, the U.S. farming family "wants you to eat a lot of rice".


Drive-in gojo


Owl village

Noon: There are various set meals. Pork cutlet set meal, ginger firing set meal. .


There is shokusaitoko; clogs

It is all .. in shokusaitoko delicious Delicacy which is, and was brought up as for the clogs by nature of local Yamagata


It is PIA aimlessly Roadside Station Hebei

It is Roadside Station which Route 287 running in Kahoku-cho of Nishimurayama-gun is along. ".


Namba Farm

We can perform crop experience of mountain grape and experience made with mountain grape juice at a time.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Asahi district)]

Sugano drive-in


Mogami River drive-in

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