Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (meat dishes)

Yonezawa beef charcoal fire roasted meat slope field

You can thoroughly enjoy home "Yonezawa beef" by charcoal fire. "Deliciously "."


New mallet shop (popular station lunch and Yonezawa beef restaurant)

Shop of noted product station lunch "beef right in the middle" of Yonezawa Station famous nationwide. Of trip.



In matured taste only in meat shop, it is steak, sukiyaki, shabu.


Fanmaker beef restaurant, Yonezawa beef Restaurant Meatpia

We buy Yonezawa beef which selected carefully in president oneself market and are our store's original "low temperature aging".



Restaurant in Hotel Metropolitan Yamagata of Yamagata Station. Seasonal food of Yamagata.


Japanese beef Aya good bee

With with coffee including cow roasted meat set meal and hamburger steak set meal of lunch menu.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Yonezawa cow DINING bekoya

It is charcoal fire roasted meat, steak, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and customer with special product, Yonezawa beef.


The beisawaushitokihafunten "up"

Have evaluation, "there is tokiha for Yonezawa" since its formation 1894, from generation to generation.


Charcoal fire roasted meat hearth

It is located in the center of Yonezawa-shi, and provide home Yonezawa beef as charcoal fire roasted meat specialty.


Restaurant sukiyaki tokiha

Beef which is founded in 1894, and is open for a long time in beef restaurant of Yonezawa.


Roasted meat dining apple Land Takahata Head Office

I make inventive idea in all of taste and give as delicious menu.


Hirata ranch tonya

Of pork which it realizes taste of pork to pursue healthy pig, and is delicious.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Meal marubun

Thanks to you, we were able to reach the 65th anniversary of the foundation. As for this, hometown is natural.


Evening moon

We provide Yonezawa beef, Yamagata cow, Okitama product pork for low price. karao.


Tonkatsu Take-tei (Pork cutlet)

In 1997, we open newly as "Tonkatsu Take-tei (Pork cutlet)" afresh. sa ..


Roasted meat Kaneyama bower

We are proud of good shop dakarakosono material which butcher shop opens! Photograph: Specially made ha.


Yakitori great good luck Takahata shop

It is restaurant of "mahorobano village, Takahata" only national chain in the town block. Just.




Yonezawa beef, Sankai Ryori (local cuisine) Yoshitei

Here Yoshitei runs silk fabrics weaver from last years of Edo era to the end of the Showa era, Heisei.

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