Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (meat dishes)

Mountain and dining room

Katsudon and noodles with roasted pork fillet are popular! It is founded in 1966. Openhearted storekeeper.


Matsukawa lunch restaurant station square store

It is a 5-minute walk from Yonezawa Station If buy lunch for Gifts; here! Yonezawa Station open.


Yamagata Steak & Cafe Restaurant airship

Popular Yonezawa beef hamburger which was taken a lot away in the media.


Yonezawa Oriental Bezoar Thu Gyunabe ember

From JR Yonezawa Station a 1-minute walk. Can taste Yonezawa beef and local cuisine easily;.


Charcoal fire roasted meat yamanaka kabeisawaten which there is of gen*

Drawing card product which has have 1 million meals a year or more "Morioka.


Repayment of favor Lord Yozan of cow

It is with shop which company Yonezawa beef (A5 class) from ranch can enjoy.


Steak Orient hall

We provide feelings highest grade steak, and we continue being loved by home Yonezawa beef and are founded.


Yonezawa beef, Sankai Ryori (local cuisine) Yoshitei

Yonezawa beef, Sankai Ryori (local cuisine) to taste in mansion of textile which is culture. As for here Yoshitei, Edo is terminal.


Gourmet boy Magechi

When is cheap, and can taste Yonezawa beef of the highest grade; restaurant of reputation. To sukiyaki.


Yonezawa beef charcoal fire roasted meat slope field

You can thoroughly enjoy home "Yonezawa beef" by charcoal fire. "Deliciously.


New mallet shop (popular station lunch and Yonezawa beef restaurant)

Shop of noted product station lunch "beef right in the middle" of Yonezawa Station. In the Yonezawa beef restaurant.


The beisawaushitokihafunten "up"

In succession to taste of head office "tokiha" founded in 1894, more casually Yonezawa beef.


Fanmaker beef restaurant, Yonezawa beef Restaurant Meatpia

"The low temperature aging" did Yonezawa beef which selected carefully. Is full of flavors; of sweetness there is.



Primary Yonezawa beef which was chosen by connoisseur. It is Yonezawa of "yellow Thu".


Restaurant sukiyaki tokiha

Meiji 2.. which wants to convey taste and heart of taste genuine article not to change from the good old days


Yonezawa beef steakhouse organ

We provide Yonezawa beef fattened up in the foot of Agatsuma at reasonable price.


Restaurant Velde

It is two minutes by car from Roadside Station. Shop, resutoranve which can eat Yonezawa beef.


Saito of meat

Yonezawa beef dealer. Let alone Yonezawa beef for Gifts as for roasted meat and the sukiyaki.


Zao Hot Springs jingisubaga

New noted product of Zao Hot Springs, new local gourmet


Yonezawa cow DINING bekoya

In shop which overflowed in warmth and flavor that removed and rebuilt old folk house, it is meal relaxedly.

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