Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (sweets)

CYBELE factory maison

Confectionery, bread, high Bullitt shop of Italian cafe. Add.


Watermelon ice-cream cone

We use extract of "Obanazawa watermelon" proud of the best watermelon in Japan generously in the summer.


Teahouse Gassan-ko Lake Shop of Rokujurigoe Kaido Street Seki

Other than basic vanilla, we prepare several kinds of ice of rare taste.


Sato-ya confectionary

Ornament of lion enshrined at entrance is mark. As Gifts of Kawanishi-machi, it is deep-rooted.


cafe' gallery beauty Kura

Relaxing space that is full of nature which redecorated Kura approximately 150 years ago. Nearby.



Our shop sign product, side yokan "sanheisen" of chocolate "fried cho.


Haga dumpling shop

You have and sell all with homemade dumpling.


Cafe sambe

Zao Hot Springs noted product, Igamochi (Igamochi) are recommended! Of drink and set.


gokakoshi Enshu shop

The middle when sesame entered in the cake "Osho middle" when we had been loved all the time since its formation.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

HEIWADO of cake

It is shop offering sweets using local tradition vegetables and seasonal cake.


Brocade shop Kawanishi Head Office of cake of high quality

Have well-established confectionary Japanese sweet, cake of confectionery season of thatched roof



Yokan "salt Ogura" with well-established confectionary salt which has ever run salt wholesale dealer.


Shop Matsushima-ya confectionary of Japanese-Western style cake, liquor

Cake of high quality of Yonezawa, Uesugi Lord Yozan sell naming "pine of autumn shower". Blue made specially in Yonezawa.


Nakamachi Kimura-ya

Founding 1902 (Meiji 35.. when we put out for noren from the Kimura-ya home office of Ginza, Tokyo

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Cafe e gelato moire

Handmade flavor is particular about seasonal local fruit and vegetables every day in shop.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Yukie temple Wakatsuki Confectionery

It is founded in 1922. Management, older brother train themselves in brothers in France, Tokyo.


Height of Hiroshi temple

Founding 70. Including Dadacha-mame rice cracker of classic popular menu, it is mosquito.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Tsuruoka cheap candy Umezu Wakatsuki Confectionery

In three-dimensional rice cracker which makes a sound rattle-rattle when we swing rice cracker rattle-rattle.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Steamed bun of mountain pass

In small Kashiya that "steamed bun of mountain pass" is along mountain path of King Nishikura.


Whale rice cake

Bean-jam cake which assumed rice and sticky rice raw materials

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