Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (local cuisine)

Cooking inn Saga kooku

Yamagata that is well-established cooking inn proud of founding 70 as mahorobano Onjuku.


Dewa way Japanese oak rooming house baachanzukurabu "hospitality dishes"

Hospitality dishes of the country that we made using local ingredients heartily.


Farmhouse restaurant Shirakawa mitsuwa society

Need reservations in "old mitsuwa nursery school" among nature of Higashihoden; lunch is the top.


It is studio Mitsuzawa heartily farmhouse restaurant

Farmhouse restaurant using school building of former Mitsuzawa elementary school which closed a school "tara.


Fair to remain for Wed

Let's eat dakarakosommaimonooshikkari in the summer! Saying "we remain for Wed."


We let you be, and there is restaurant

Restaurant ishiino even on the day to be able to taste with a limitation of amount "Buddhist monk set meal (Buddhist cuisine.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]

Miyasaka task foods of carp

Carp fish and vegetables boiled in thick soy with sugar which we stewed with secret sauce of the Aya set founding 150 rest of life slowly and carefully in the four seasons.


Earl Uesugi's house

Earl Uesugi's house was built as Earl person of Uesugi 14s present head of a household Shigenori Uesugi's house.


Hideaway of joss house

Besides person of "miso calyx which does not appear" of miso shop Uesugi burial ground quietly… It is old day.


Hot water marsh hot spring dicentra-so

Another world where is full of mountain range and rural scenery, fruits that "filling up gets out", and no is bright red.


Inn Ebisuya

With dishes which were particular about ingredients of seasonal taste genuine article which changed seasonally, well.




Flavor hermitage maruhachi

We send oldness and taste and fragrance of Yamagata… Flavor hermitage maruhachi. The Meiji era very much.


Konjac dishes (Tanno konjac)

There was Japanese oak rooming house in northeastern among the mountains. Of people of single-minded character.


Oishida-machi "Shin-soba Festival"

The Teuchi soba every year end of October (Sat, .. of kind "Raigo-ji Temple convention" peculiar to town use


Eel cooking ball perception

Founding is last years of Edo era, long-established store of an eel ray

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]


It is reasonable, and taste of restaurant enjoy while feeling Japanese formality that is full of taste.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Rokujuri of carp

Detached room far-off in fugitive warrior village, the Nakatsu River of Heike from castle town, Yonezawa of here Uesugi.


The seasonal greens kitchen Takahatas

Is particular about ingredients and taste of mahorobano village "Takahata", noon "restaurant."

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