Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (local cuisine)

Earl Uesugi's house

Country where Earl Uesugi's house was built as Earl person of Uesugi 14s present head of a household Shigenori Uesugi's house.


White giku

Treat with seasonal dishes of Yamagata in homey atmosphere in private room of large small four rooms.


Bo, Tamura

As for the master of dorter, blessing of mountain is page by proprietress and young proprietress in masters of wild plants, mushroom.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]

Hideaway of joss house

Besides person of Uesugi burial ground quietly… Around traditional hearth of miso shop.


Oishida-machi "Shin-soba Festival"

It is performed every year in the end of October (Saturday and Sunday). Town which we brought up for this Sun.


Absent place "one fortune"

Waterway to go around in town in post town that opened out along Dewa way, storehouse of whitewashing.


bunshirofufuryoritoko "seikyo"

In corner of sentence Shiro gluten, we want many people to have Muda gluten.


Eel, local cuisine agetsuma

Stand still in small Kyoto and the depths of said old Teramachi, is taste waema by food culture of various places throughout Yamagata.



The 1881 (1881) Emperor Meiji at Yamagata royal visit temporary palace (the accommodations).


18 years old restoration of youth lunch

Mother of Hongo west district of Oe-machi gather for, using "local seasonal ingredients.


It is studio Mitsuzawa heartily farmhouse restaurant

Farmhouse restaurant using school building of former Mitsuzawa elementary school closed down "heartily.


hoterushienesuhaimu Kaneyama restaurant "pal"

We enjoy dishes that delicious air is delicious while looking at green opening outside window. .


Dewa way Japanese oak rooming house baachanzukurabu "hospitality dishes"

It is country dish using local ingredients. It is fun with dishes seasonal every season.


Farmhouse teahouse hearth

Tea dealer who can taste local cuisine which proprietress of farmhouse guest house serves. The seasonal season.



The top to call local cuisine coming to Higashine for a long time to all of you in old sitting room in a warehouse of this family.


Cooking joy comfort

We provide seasonal dishes which we made use of the local subject matter (wild plants, Yonezawa beef, Tsuya-hime) in.


The cooking Kamo River


ko of cooking house

Material such as good-quality Yonezawa beef and Chisan vegetables of Okitama which selected carefully and fresh fish and shellfish.

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