Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (ramen)

Okura dining room

Well-known store as it is said to be "miso ramen of Okura dining room!" if we come to Okura-mura. .


Horse meat ramen

Exquisite shi which Chinese noodles which appeared of Horse meat are low-calorie, and wears well plainly.


Chilled ramen

Ramen of where think that local, but "chilled ramen" (cold ..


Momoka tower Branch


Ryushanhai Main Store

"Dragon Shanghai" is consistent from noodle making to cooking by predecessors in the family line Kazuyoshi Sato in 1958.


Boundary dining room

Keep collecting of set meal and set menu mainly on ramen. In addition, it is banquet.


Sui shinreimen

Noodles: Use buckwheat flour, Tsuya-hime brown rice powder from Obanazawa, than normal naengmyeon so.


Tortoise and dining room

It is ramen of Horse meat roasted pork fillet.


About the same ramen HONTEN

Large noodles are getting out dried small sardines soup and our store own .. of feelings to affect well among home brews


Moriya stand

We heal heart in the bank of lake among Nature, and have meal! Suppose.


arumasupu Yonezawa shop

We mean soul in arumaha Spanish. I make with feeling.


The next dream


The Toei eaves



Our store lasting five generations in founding 1892 fits soup from early morning and is self noodle making.


Salt end ~ matchmaking ~

Soup of 100% of sea breams which is rare in Yamagata Prefecture. It is the effect of sea bream in transparent soup.


iwahanaya dining room

Please use for banquet, Buddhist memorial service, meeting, reception, farewell party. 3..


The ramen first


The Eiwa eaves

Taste that we continued keeping for founding half a century, parent and child three generations. The first generation chef de cuisine of the former Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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