Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (ramen)


As it does not face street, there are many local one and regular customers. Place.



Set menu with curry and bowl is abundant let alone noodles.


atago restaurant

Yonezawa ramen of hand fir tree is 200 g of one ball with the volume! Sioux.


Aizome ramen

Though we are overwhelmed to many forthcoming original ramen by insatiate search heart of manager.


Kiyoe restaurant

All the noodles are self noodle making. Soup is Japanese-style and gets tired while being rich.



Sioux to prepare into extra-fine curl noodles in Yonezawa beef bone and several kinds of materials examined closely.


Komaki 1,000

Soup which we did plainly. Curl noodles peculiar to Yonezawa by hand fir tree technique are soft.


Bank of a moat Sapporo

Perfect location that overlooks side of Uesugi Shrine, moat. We remember old days.


Katsuracho Sapporo

Noodles which we kneaded by kansuinomide hand carefully let you mature for three or four days. In the result.


Person of Kotobuki ゞ joy

Old .. founded in 1712 (Shotoku 2) when "Saigo bill" at the time of Boshin War is left


Maizuru restaurant

Adopt tool to base with dried small sardines, sect field clause, and put secret nonreturn together; soup.


Restaurant Maki

Shop which did OPEN after it was the Heisei era. Originally it is cultivated self in farmhouse.


kamata restaurant

Because waist strongly gives feeling slipperily, powder which we examined closely is particular about blend.


Possible celebration shop Branch

Let alone Yonezawa ramen, we have abundant side, udon, rice dishes.


Miso shop third son Bo

Where that selected carefully of taste hometown of spicy miso soaking into this one cup, heart that lavished great care.


Second generation noodles artisan father

The finest ramen that flavor of dried small sardines comes with a thud


Uzen way aizuya

We use high quality materials generously. Noodles are ramen, side, udon.


Aizome restaurant

Soup of taste has subtle sweetness plainly, homemade hand fir tree shrinkage.


Soba Restaurant Hirama

Extra-fine curl noodles are popular! Soup is transparent and is full-bodied taste.



Ramen which owner provided as meals cooking of shop is size of customer.

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