Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (ramen)

Nakayama-machi information, product building ○ tto

Unless local vegetables and fruit are put as direct marketing, mother santa of farmhouse.


Ramen tensho

Though of course soup is delicious, too, manager pride is self noodle making!


Chinese sobasatake

When soup is delicious; is Chinese noodles of reputation from old days. Dondonyaki is tea, too.


shimbori dining room

There are a lot of noted products including stew and takoyaki, but noodles are delicious, too.


Japanese-style resutorammura bear

It is long-established store more than founding 100 years. One time of "Champon" food of specialty of Nagasaki.


arumasupu Yonezawa shop

We mean soul in arumaha Spanish. It is made with feeling.


Takahata ramen miraioku

Using self noodle making that we taught in famous clear water of local Takahata, we produce in the ground of Takahata.


About the same ramen HONTEN

Large noodles are getting out dried small sardines soup of feelings and our .. affecting well among home brews


Salt end ~ matchmaking ~

Soup of 100% of sea breams which is rare in Yamagata Prefecture. It is sea bream in transparent soup.


Miso shop third son Bo

Where that selected carefully of taste hometown of spicy miso soaking into this one cup, heart that we lavished great care on.



Including ancestor Yonezawa beef Yakiniku ramen with discerning soup, it is self.


Delicious! Ramen third son Bo

Of open counter and private room style with a view of kitchen cozy relaxedly.



We fit soup from early morning, and our store lasting five generations in founding 1892 is homemade.


beni flower hermitage

Soft chestnut which, "ugh, we rowed" and used o for which Uesugi 9s feudal lord Lord Yozan recommended.


Rice cake

Ramen shop in Kawanishi-machi, Kichijima district. Sioux that we did plainly.


Second generation noodles artisan father

The finest ramen that flavor of dried small sardines comes with a thud


RA-MEN *heichi

Curl noodles homemade in taste and dish simmered in dried fragrant soup of chicken. Chicken and pig, two kinds.


Chilled ramen

Ramen of where think that local, but "chilled ramen."


The roasted meat green Land head office

Store specializing in real roasted meat which Yamagata Prefecture product Japanese black beef can taste In first rank shop of Tokyo.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Abe Branch

Popular shop on weekdays so popular that there are always lines. Popular "miso ramen" is thick.

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