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Soba restaurant ajikoba

Recommendation Chinese bamboo shoots Niku soba, beef sinew oil Tsukesoba



■With Mimi of Sagae side walk society participation shop chewy soba and fresh cuttlefish.


Soba restaurant Harappa

Noodle shop full of many visitors with coming of spring. Storekeeper oneself produces.


Ranch to cover

Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence) neighborhood. 100% closing a bargain that fragrance that we played the part of is full of self production, home brews.


Teahouse space-time of soba restaurant seal person

Is in slant opposite side of "Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence)" said to that Basho stayed, *i.



Shop of homey atmosphere which redecorated home. Soba performs closing a bargain every morning; and now.


Side Jiro Yagame

Exquisiteness eats Zaru soba and Itasoba flavor, fragrance, eminent drinkability by all means.


Kanazawa Kura

Soba which is full of flavors is exquisite. Tempura, stewed services are excellent at affinity.


Soba restaurant green leaves

Though Niku soba of specialty of Yamagata or geso sky colander are very popular; Chinese food.


Yamagata side way

It is rose together with each store including "Inaka soba" "Sarashina soba" "Kanzarashi side".


Taro bower

It is phosphorus in dessert service with pickle on all menus again in autumn, winter.


Seven full noodle shops

Itasoba, Zaru soba, ramen. ko .. which we brought up in self in noodles by all means



Fried chicken at night vaunted as soba from hometown at noon and restaurants such as *han.


The chrysanthemum Taro Shintomi head office

To local seasonal materials from Yamagata that our store is material and treasure house of meal which selected carefully.



Juwari soba of 100% of buckwheat flour. It is the face affecting good-quality side and heart.


The soba restaurant Azuma eaves

We offer hospitality by seasonal ingredients and scenery. heida is slightly hot. Prefectural road Route 2.


Buckwheat flour name shop Kotaro including Yonezawa feudal clan commissioner

By founding of "thanks" founding 300 years 1712 (Shotoku 2) "Yonezawa.


Side and the biography right e gate

Dewa fragrance self cultivation that is full of flavors. heida. Slightly heavy. In "the rice cake sky.


Seem to make side; residence (100%, closing a bargain)

Self cultivation, self flour milling, 100% closing a bargain, thin noodles



Village shiratakano well-known store of passing away noodle shop

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