Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet (soba)

The Narrow Road to the Deep North: Obanazawa Japanese Noodle Road

It is * we do old side into a dumpling including "Sobagaki" and "side rice cake" form, and to eat.


Yonezawa Yozan side highway

Speaking of Yonezawa, "Yonezawa beef" and "Yonezawa ramen" are known nationwide.


Araki Soba

Shop nationwide popular as well as the prefecture. Is traditional; local side.


3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side highway

Murayama-shi where is lined with a lot of noodle shops along flow of Mogami River. From old days of farmhouse.


“Mori-no-Megumi Market”

National highway No. 113 was along and was produced from Niigata in hometown on the way to Yonezawa.


Closing a deal Saburo soldier of the Imperial Guard side

Sticky texture that storekeeper studied 11 sides where self ground buckwheat flour of former product to powder.


Seven soldier of the Imperial Guard sides

Grated juice and soba soup of Japanese radish enhance simplicity of side skillfully; the best taste.


Garden not to give

Worth rice cake (Sobagaki) of this shop is cooked with visit of visitor and is soft.


Side and cooking Nakamura

enhikijushi of traditional foods of Yonezawa and soba from Yamagata, the slackest season of the year using "Dewa fragrance."


We hide, and village shirataka Shinsoba of noodle shop campaigns

"Village shirataka Shinsoba campaign of passing away noodle shop." Side of 5 stores in the town block.


Hall of value side

Teuchi soba coming to value district does from cultivation to cutting down in hometown and grinds to powder.


Large Shoan

Former house of powerful farmer of the Edo era when we removed and rebuilt from the Tsuruoka city becomes shop. .

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

The soba restaurant 1 sun bower head office

Kahoku-cho (kahokucho.that prospered as Mogami River water transportation and collection of production center of safflower in the Edo era


Closing a deal sobataka bridge

Self flour milling that was particular about The Narrow Road to the Deep North: Obanazawa Japanese Noodle Road first bill place buckwheat flour.


Soba restaurant Meiyu hermitage

The Narrow Road to the Deep North: Obanazawa Japanese Noodle Road 2 guard station We establish souvenir shop together with noodle shop.


Only in sum studio side

In our store, use dewakaorio from hometown; large; beat (100%); saida.


Noodle shop tortoise Jiro

Flavor, fragrance, eminent drinkability are meal betekuda with Zaru soba and Itasoba exquisiteness by all means.

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