Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Oguni-machi

Roadside Station Shiroimori Oguni

Roadside Station "Shiroimori Oguni" is national highway 113 gosenen of 5� from Niigata prefectural border to the east.


“Mori-no-Megumi Market”

Route 113 was along and was produced from Niigata on the way to Yonezawa in hometown.


Hall of value side

Teuchi soba coming to value district does from cultivation to cutting down in hometown and grinds to powder.


Teuchi soba gambu

It is Japanese heart, flavor okokoroyukuma near gambu conveying flavor of Japan in now.


Water source (Elatostema umbellatum var.majus (mizu)) town interchange building

Through contact of person and person, nature and contact with person "person, thing, information."


Teahouse of mountain pass

At Route 113, it is the left soon across Utsu Pass tunnel from Iide-machi.


We see and are good

Taste two mer Chinese noodles with fried vegetables that recommendation is addicted. Of Buddhist memorial service, auspicious occasion.


Echigo-ya of guest house

It is place to bring up beautiful scenery, delicious ingredients throughout the year. Char.

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