Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Kawanishi-machi

� harvest festival shop store positive (the sun) cafe

Soft and fluffy pancake is texture of the one and only. Pizza of homemade rice flour.


Spice kitchen GARBANZO

We opened in Kawanishi-machi, It is shop of real curry and naan hot from the oven.


Brocade shop Kawanishi Head Office of cake of high quality

Well-established confectionary characterized by solid roof of thatch letting you feel history and tradition.



"It is salt Kokura yokan with well-established confectionary salt which has ever run salt wholesale dealer.


Sato-ya confectionary

Ornament of lion enshrined at entrance is mark. As Gifts of Kawanishi-machi root.


Rice cake

Ramen shop in Kawanishi-machi, Kichijima district. Sioux that we did plainly.


The cooking Kamo River


Cooking joy comfort

It is hisage with seasonal dishes which we made use of the local subject matter (wild plants, Yonezawa beef, Tsuya-hime) in.

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