Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Shonai-machi

Mt. north Mt. Gassan-so restaurant grape

Local local cuisine in buffet We begin with traditional soup stock collecting.


Koikawa brewing

U.S. fantastic liquor of Honcho origin with feelings for the word "local sake"; "tortoise.


Person of farmhouse restaurant agriculture

.., restaurant U.S. farming family of the U.S. farmhouse "wants you to eat a lot of rice"


Taste Aya

Real Chinese restaurant which is rare in town Reasonable, authentic Chinese food charges.



Dome is original restaurant of mark Dome type in site same as incense forest tower.



Home cooking of local ingredients and carefully selected liquor Dishes which we used Shonai product ingredients for abundantly.


Zen Yoda

Sushi bar which eel can enjoy Eel and affinity with vinegar meal are excellent ".



Using salty bean paste specially made by Shonai only ramen cafe addicting; "salty bean paste ra ..



Shonai-machi first Super Dry extra cold is popular -2 degrees Celsius.


Incense forest tower

Fun! Delicious! Restaurant of Thu Let alone meal drink.

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