Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Shonai-machi

Mt. north Mt. Gassan Zhuang restaurant grape

The making of meal utilized beginning local ingredients beginning with traditional soup stock collecting. 10..


Person of farmhouse restaurant agriculture

It is volost to deal in thought, the U.S. farming family "wants you to eat a lot of rice".


Incense forest tower

There are many drink, sweets and pleasant menus let alone meal. .


Tail ice-cream cone of tortoise

"Tail of tortoise" which is ancestor rice of Sasanishiki and Koshihikari. It is so with tail of tortoise which we roasted.


Yoda good

ma where "grasps, and is different in no et al., sweetness of eel" where is distinguished for affinity with eel and vinegar meal.


Taste Aya

Reasonable, authentic Chinese food is extreme popularity for families. Volume mota ..



-Below-zero cold of 2 degrees Celsius - 0 degrees Celsius cools off, and appreciate draft beer! Big things and small things banquet (.



It is addicting "salty bean paste ramen" using specially made salty bean paste and white diamond and review.



Dome-shaped restaurant in site same as incense forest tower. Japanese and Western o collaboration.



Dish which we used Shonai product ingredients for abundantly and shop which liquor can enjoy. Lunch.

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