Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Yuza-machi

It is station of taste Roadside Station Chokai aimlessly

It is grilled fish at the Roadside Station Chokai aimlessly cheerful beach which is base of sightseeing of Yuza-machi.


tobiuoya (obtain ~ koya Beatitudes God)

We obtain, and direct marketing facility is ramen restaurant in ~ koya Beatitudes God. It is in Sakata-shi.


Shop maruki of taste

Speaking of Chinese food, are there not many people called this shop in Yuza-machi? (among ※.


Sunset Sixteen Disciples of Buddha

Sunset Sixteen Disciples of Buddha in parking lot of natural beauty spot Sixteen Disciples of Buddha recognize authority of ramen.



※Salmon of 2013 was finished. You can buy from about September, 2014. .


The Sakae eaves

Chinese owner of a noodle shop in place where is immediate from Yuza Station. Of taste and soup stock of soy sauce.

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