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Sunset Sixteen Disciples of Buddha

Setting sun ramen which performed topping of sea lettuce laver is popular among flying fish stock.


tobiuoya (obtain ~ koya Beatitudes God)

Get branch shitatobiuodashi ramen direct marketing facility in direct marketing facility; ~ koya eight.



Salmon which we caught in river is cheap and is delicious ※Salmon of 2013 is finished.


The honor eaves

Chinese noodles in place where is immediate from stable good old Chinese noodles Yuza Station.


It is station of taste Roadside Station Chokai aimlessly

Roadside Station bird which is base of sightseeing of Roadside Station Chokai furattono ramen Yuza-machi.


Shop maruki of taste

.. this in Yuza-machi that well-established stable taste of Yuza-machi is nice speaking of Chinese food

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