Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Okura-mura

Okura dining room

Well-known store as it is said to be "miso ramen of Okura dining room!" if we come to Okura-mura. .


Kakizaki rice-cake dealer

Local well-known store which can taste ramen if you have which there was with mortar and mallet every morning. fu.



Only in the side where self cultivated Iwao God honorific title of a Japanese god side in Akamatsu district in Okura-mura Yunodai.


Haga dumpling shop

You have and sell all with homemade dumpling.


Soba restaurant Kotobukiya

There is Kotobukiya in the bank of the Douzan River which passed through lively hot-spring resort. Have a high quality.


Furusato Mirai-kan

In Furusato Mirai Kan, Teuchi soba of "Mogami early crop" from hometown has just finished sawing.


Soba restaurant Izumi

"Izumi" in Aikai district of Okura-mura entrance. Soba is saida power .. a little tada



Ipponsugi in Aikai district is well-known store of salty bean paste ramen. Full-bodied vegetables ta ..

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