Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Okura-mura

Okura dining room

Well-known store as we are said to be "miso ramen of Okura dining room!" if we come to Okura-mura. .


Haga dumpling shop

You have and sell all with homemade dumpling.


Soba restaurant Izumi

"Izumi" in Aikai district of Okura-mura entrance. Soba is saida power .. a little tada


Soba restaurant Kotobukiya

There is Kotobukiya in the bank of the Douzan River which passed through lively hot-spring resort. Have a high quality.


Furusato Mirai-kan

In Furusato Mirai Kan, Teuchi soba of "Mogami early crop" from hometown has just finished sawing.



Only in the side where self cultivated *shinkengen side in Akamatsu district in Okura-mura Yunodai.


Kakizaki rice-cake dealer

Local well-known store which can taste ramen a little which there was with mortar and mallet every morning. fu.



Ipponsugi in Aikai district is well-known store of salty bean paste ramen. Full-bodied vegetables ta ..

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