Trip to Yamagata| Gourmet of Oe-machi

Unrefined hemp low dining table

It is bright and is gorgeous! With eyes, please enjoy with tongue. Historical Museum.


18 years old restoration of youth lunch

As for you, 5 years old becomes younger if we eat this? It is business with local seasonal ingredients.


We hear cooking

Satisfaction of customer is first by hearty dishes and hospitality


Mt. soba restaurant cicada

Shop omezashima which environment, customer of appetizing among the mountains want to visit again.


Yanagawa side

Drawing card menu "Itasoba" of Delicous noodles to customers Yanagawa side. .


ashitaba restaurant

Services such as Chinese noodles, buckwheat noodles, rice-rich menu child care support.


Kanemi Rice-Oil restaurant

We look forward to by abundant menu. Various toppings, it is paired.


Rich house

It is cheap right out and is good!


Play Kotobuki; cooking Katsuhisa

Delicious dishes which we put together in season in season

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