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Texture artisan

Is opposite to soba by self-education out of feelings of the second generation from the beginning for founding 45 years; attempt.



As it does not face street, there are many local one and regular customers. Place.


Teuchi soba kyogaku

Shop of homey atmosphere which redecorated home. Soba performs closing a bargain every morning; and now.


Side Jiro Yagame

Exquisiteness eats Zaru soba and Itasoba flavor, fragrance, eminent drinkability by all means.



Have meal in spring while looking at cherry tree! We do sweetfish collecting, and open holds Festival.


Outlook on Asahi nature restaurants Gyor

Hotel natural view that white wall is characterized by. It is ji tsu .. by cardiac function out of one of outlook on Asahi nature


Sun of long Horse meat

August 29 is "Sun of long Horse meat" strategy! In Nagai-shi in other areas.


Cafe Kura

It is facility which repairs Kura built now approximately 150 years ago, and was born. .


Dining & bar KaRaKaRa

Dishes which are delicious in space where suspension of business ~ is stylish by ~ convenience for the time being.


Italian restaurant Regal

Our store is open in central shopping street and is the 35th year. This stew.


Restaurant sukiyaki tokiha

Meiji 2.. which wants to convey taste and heart of taste genuine article not to change from the good old days


Tea storage rice swamp shop

shiminagarayu .. comfortable in space that is Japanese modern with tea and sweetness, lunch


The beisawaushitokihafunten "up"

In succession to taste of head office "tokiha" founded in 1894, more casually Yonezawa beef.


Yonezawa beef charcoal fire roasted meat slope field

You can thoroughly enjoy home "Yonezawa beef" by charcoal fire. "Deliciously.


Taro bower

It is phosphorus in dessert service with pickle on all menus again in autumn, winter.


Yonezawa beef, Sankai Ryori (local cuisine) Yoshitei

Yonezawa beef, Sankai Ryori (local cuisine) to taste in mansion of textile which is culture. As for here Yoshitei, Edo is terminal.


The soba restaurant Azuma eaves

We offer hospitality by seasonal ingredients and scenery. heida is slightly hot. Prefectural road Route 2.


Fanmaker beef restaurant, Yonezawa beef Restaurant Meatpia

"The low temperature aging" did Yonezawa beef which selected carefully. Is full of flavors; of sweetness there is.



Set menu with curry and bowl is abundant let alone noodles.


atago dining room

Yonezawa ramen of hand fir tree is 200 g of one ball with the volume! Sioux.

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