[Aug] Oya wind god festival ※It was finished※

[Aug] Oya wind god festival ※It was finished※
The previous night of 210 days,
Traditional village Festival to pray for prevention of natural disaster
Count from Risshun; and the 210th day. We quiet wind disasters such as typhoons, and Festival praying for good harvest is Kazamatsuri. When Oya Style Shinto festival held on August 31 is carried out from around 1755 (Horeki 6) of the Edo era, we are informed and are the most lively by Festival event of village and put up dengaku lantern to Kadoguchi in each house and do ceremonial sandpile on route that omikoshi goes along. Unusual festival car which we made for each district of Oya parades around the district. Fireworks complete colorful Festival in night sky, too.
  • Name [Aug] Oya wind god festival ※It was finished※
  • Schedule Every year August 31 7:00 p.m. fireworks, line start
  • Date Saturday, August 31, 2019
    ~ Saturday, August 31, 2019
  • Location Asahi-machi larger section of a village Oya
  • Contact information Asahi-machi tourist association
  • Phone number 0237-67-2134
  • Remarks [Kakuta style Oya lion dance]
    Dance that rich civilian of Oya Village, note out of Shirata took in the last act lion from Sendai feudal clan Kakuta-mura.
    French memorial service shows dance of good harvest prayer in the god of the wind Festivals again in eirinji in the forwarding Bon Festival at the present that is origin of Kakuta style Oya lion dance.
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