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Tozo Sato Festivals さとうとうぞうさい
We praise benefactor whom we fly and saved from sand of dune place in Yuza-machi
Sato wisteria Court Security Office (father of Tozou) parent and child started work of (1746) planting in 1746 to save people who flew, and suffered from harm of sand from dune place.
We planted various kinds of kinds and young plants including willow nemuno Thu, wisteria black pine azalea Japanese pepper.
However, work is full of difficulty, and wisteria Court Security Office falls in the middle of planting in 1752 (Horeki 2).
Tozou of son devoted more passion to planting in order to clear itself from regrets of father, and, as a result, green revived little by little in the seaside of dune, and we flew, and, with growth of black pine, sand was relieved, and peaceful, rich life was regained.
It is festival to praise great achievement of Tozou parent and child.
  • Name Tozo Sato Festivals
  • Schedule Every year November 10
  • Location Yuza municipality Fujisaki Elementary School
  • Contact information Wait for Yuza-machi Planning Division; support person in charge made
  • Phone number 0234-72-4524
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[Last updated] October 23, 2017
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