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Masayasu Sato Festivals さとうせいようさい
We praise achievement of assistant Masayasu Sato of the first railroad
Assistant Masayasu Sato of the first railroad is from Yuza-machi measure river.
We learned study, sculpture besides agriculture.
It made 33 years old, and it appeared in Edo for study more, and it learned Chinese classics, sculpture, but, in disturbance by the late Tokugawa period, it was idle, and it learned gunnery in shojuku of Kaishu Katsu to work hard at study without being allowed.
We were collected from the Meiji government and performed the first railroad laying afterwards in Japan between Shimbashi Yokohama.
Bronze statue is built at Fukura Station near measure river of cloth.
We praise this achievement, and Shinto ritual is carried out in front of bronze statue on October 14 of Sun of railroad.
  • Name Masayasu Sato Festivals
  • Schedule October 14
  • Location Kamikawara, Fukura, Yuza-machi, Akumi-gun
  • Contact information Person in charge of Yuza-machi Planning Division town planning support
  • Phone number 0234-72-4524
  • Access JR Fukura Station
    From Sakata Minato Interchange of Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway: 25 min by car
  • Parking lot 50 lots available
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[Last updated] September 20, 2017
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