Mt. Chokai-san SEA TO SUMMIT

Mt. Chokai-san SEA TO SUMMIT ちょうかいざん しー とぅー さみっと
From 0m above sea level to the mountaintop, we enjoy every very much natural circle by physical strength game
SEA TO SUMMIT is Events enjoying the mountaintop at the full blast from the sea.
We aim at Mt. Chokai-san top with kayak, bicycle, the third kind of hike (mountain climbing) from the Sea of Japan while getting close to magnificent nature of the Chokai foot of a mountain from the Sea of Japan to Mt. Chokai-san top.
We can say that it is Events which is made because Mt. Chokai-san recovers from the sea at a stretch.
It is performed other than Mt. Chokai-san in Oyama (Tottori), Daisetsuzan (Hokkaido), Okugawauchi (Osaka).
Participation by team is possible unless we participate alone.
  • Name Mt. Chokai-san SEA TO SUMMIT
  • Date Saturday, August 25, 2018
    ~ Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • Location Mt. Chokai-san quasi-national park
  • Contact information SEA TO SUMMIT communication meeting
  • Phone number 06-6531-5524
  • FAX number 06-6531-5536
  • URL
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[Last updated] July 12, 2018
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