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Rokkasen Kura open day 2017 ろっかせんくらさんかんび 2017
To all of you supporting Rokkasen with thanks
Kura difference only for once a year.
On seeing in Kura of Rokkasen and delicious seasonal liquor, "Kura visit" (KURASANKAN) to want you to hear is held.
Let alone the Kura exploration, it is full of various Events only in sake brewery.
"Liquor battle" that built name (Narihira Ariwarano, soseihen*, kisenhoshi, Kuronushi Otomono, Yasuhide Funnyano, Onono Komachi) of Rokkasen and luxurious prize is held.
  • Name Rokkasen Kura open day 2017
  • Date Saturday, March 4, 2017
    ~ Sunday, March 5, 2017
  • Time From 10:00 to 16:00 (on 6th until 15:30)
  • Location 3-17-7, Onsenmachi, Higashine-shi
  • Contact information Rokkasen
  • Phone number 0120-413-904
  • URL
  • Admission No charge for admission
  • Access It is five minutes, a 15-minute walk by car from JR irregularity mountain Station
    Is car than Yamagata Airport; 15 minutes
    Is car than Tohoku Chuo Expressway Higashine IC; 15 minutes
  • Remarks <Events contents>
    ・We dig among snow and provide
    ・Tuna behavior
    ・Teuchi soba
    ・Sampling sale
    ・Child plan
    ・The sake brewery exploration
    ・Local delicacy city
    Besides, Events is varied!
    ◎Play type, sake tasting championship "liquor Batte" holding!
    <Date and Time> Saturday, March 4
    <Time> 11:00 taking the field
    Venue: Onsencho, Higashine, � Rokkasen special event space
    [entrance fee] 500 yen per person ※The first 60 people
    [participation application] On the day come to venue until 10:50. In the case of prior participation reservation, please contact association of sightseeing in Higashine-shi product. (Phone: 0237-41-1200)
    Title of generic name "Rokkasen" of poet who played an active part in the Heian era and luxurious supplementary prize are given for the higher sixth place. In addition, there is prize for participation, too.
  • Others On the day shuttle buses from Murayama Station to venue run, too. Please use.
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[Last updated] February 14, 2017
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