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Tsuruoka winter festival つるおかふゆまつり
Winter Events full of variety including meal and music
Festival in connection with "in masterpiece town which fell of snow" which considered by melody from memory in snowy Tsuruoka. Many Events which was rich in variety including "Kinbo mountain snow garden lantern festival" "Oyama young sake, sake brewery festival" that fresh young sake of the cold training can taste "Tsuruoka music festival" in the "Sea of Japan cold cod Festival" kuo opener to taste best local cuisine Dongara-jiru of the winter Shonai beach is held.
Light ups such as Chido Museum (former Nishitagawa-gun government office), Daiho hall are carried out at night, too and create atmosphere.
  • Name Tsuruoka winter festival
  • Schedule From December 23 to February 27
  • Date Saturday, December 23, 2017
    ~ Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  • Location 9-25, Babacho, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Contact information Tsuruoka-shi Tourism and Products Division
  • Phone number 0235-25-2111
  • URL
  • Remarks Event Name
     Sunday, January 21 Sea of Japan cold cod festival
     Sunday, February 4 Tsuruoka music festival
     Saturday, February 10 Oyama young sake, sake brewery Festival
     Sunday, February 25 Tsuruoka-shi chorus Festivals
     Tuesday, February 27 Kinbo mountain snow garden lantern Festivals
     (we light up Chido Museum (former Nishitagawa-gun government office), Daiho hall)
     Until from Saturday, December 23 to Tuesday, February 27
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[Last updated] January 17, 2018
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