Mogami-gawa San-nansho Soba-kaido "Itasoba Festival"

Mogami-gawa San-nansho Soba-kaido "Itasoba Festival" もがみがわさんなんしょそばかいどういたそばまつり
Season when Shinsoba is nice
3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side way where the local noodle shop links the eaves Murayama district which is said to be right lot of side cultivation to bring a lot about starch having climate that difference of heat and cold has intense under the profit of side is ancestor of Yamagata Soba way.
It is characterized by Itasoba which entered wooden container and can thoroughly enjoy chewy soba.
During period of "Itasoba Festival", we plan present by lot in one that had you eat Shinsoba.
※We may be changed
There is side way in each place of Yamagata Prefecture.
How about what we look for for new taste?

  • Name Mogami-gawa San-nansho Soba-kaido "Itasoba Festival"
  • Date Thursday, November 1, 2018
    ~ Friday, November 30, 2018
  • Location Each Murayama-shi 3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side way shop
  • Contact information Murayama-shi Shoko Kanko-ka [Commerce and Tourism Division]
  • Phone number 0237-55-2111
  • FAX number 0237-53-5950
  • Access It is 10-30 minutes by car from JR Murayama Station
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[Last updated] October 13, 2018
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