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Tendo-shi agriculture Festival
We sell fresh vegetables and fruit from Tendo at a bargain price.
In addition, we perform Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki, Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma, sale of special product of Abashiri-shi, Hokkaido interchanging mutually such as sightseeing product exhibitions.
  • Name Tendo-shi agriculture Festival
  • Date Saturday, November 11, 2017
    ~ Saturday, November 11, 2017
  • Location JA tendo court noble
  • Contact information Tendo-shi agriculture and forestry section
  • Phone number 023-654-1111
  • Access From JR Tendo Station a 15-minute walk
    20 minutes by car from Yamagata-kita IC
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[Last updated] October 23, 2017
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