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Sakata Donshan Festival さかたどんしゃんまつり
Festival of city central shopping street
Big fish "bookmaking ship" (donsyu) as we took ship was said to be the etymology and was named "Donshan" in thought that we did business and propered.
Besides, Sakata music Festival is held at the same time, and, by festival, flea market and stage Events are lively two days when music of various genres drifts in downtown let alone branch.

≪Main Events of mall≫

◆Naka-machi Chuwakai Shoten-gai◆
  ○Child mall 14th /10 00 ~ [weather first parking]:
  ○Meat festival     15th /10 00 ~ [weather first parking]:

◆Naka-dori Shoten-gai◆
  ○bosai tent city 14th, 15th /10 00 ~ [medium-grade articles mall]:
  ○Search for foster parent of dog, cat [the neighborhood of Hiroshi Park Shrine]
             It is 00 00-16 /10 for 14th, 15 days
  ○Self-Defense Forces vehicle display & PR booth [medium-grade articles mall]
             It is 00 ~ /10 for 14th, 15 days
  ○Mascot Festa [medium-grade articles mall]
             It is 00 ~ /11 for 14th, 15 days 
  ○Minamisanriku-cho reconstruction aid ~ kimono recycling sale ~
                      [Hiroshi Park opposite empty store]
             It is 00 00-15 /10 for 15 days

  ※Charity, Minamisanriku tuna dismantling demonstration by instruction of public health center
    It was called off

◆Naka-dori Shoten-gai◆
  ○City 15th /10 of main street land, meal 00 ~ [main street mall]:

≪Other Events≫

○Donshan flea market 15th /10 00-16 00 [main street mall]:
○Soft and fluffy mini-SL ride society (once 100 yen)
             15th /10 at 30 ~ 15:00 [main street mall]:
○It is 00 ~ /11 for Donshan international village 15 days     [Hiroshi Park]

●sangitandai*naikogyoku konjac sale, panel display
        14th, 15th /10 00 ~ [in front of town naka campus]:
●Sakata music Festival
        14th 11:00 ~ [Nakamachi mall]
             13:00 ~ [weather first parking]
        15th 11:00 ~ [Nakamachi mall, weather first parking
                    Central Park venue, main street venue]
  • Name Sakata Donshan Festival
  • Schedule From Saturday, October 14, 2017 to 15th Sunday
  • Date Saturday, October 14, 2017
    ~ Sunday, October 15, 2017
  • Location Nakamachi, Sakata-shi, and others in Yamagata Prefecture
  • Contact information The Sakata Chamber of Commerce
  • Phone number 0234-22-9311
  • Access Is car than JR Sakata Station; approximately five minutes
    From Sakata Interchange of Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway: about 15 min by car
  • Parking lot None
  • PDF file PDF download
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[Last updated] October 05, 2017
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