We cut rice field art rice and experience

We cut rice field art rice and experience
We cut rice of rice field art that we described with rice field nearly Onogawa Onsen as canvas and experience at the end of May.
It becomes topic and describes "Yukimura Sanada" who is said to be when we spend the hostage era in Uesugi house and learned heart of [justice] from picturesque scenery in NHK TV saga with Yonezawa feudal clan first generation feudal lord "Kagekatsu Uesugi" this time.
We present rice 2� and Onogawa Onsen bathing ticket which we harvested to participant.
Of the U.S. rice ball and Imoni from hometown is with lunch.
  • Name We cut rice field art rice and experience
  • Schedule The every year beginning of October
  • Location Yanazawa, Yonezawa-shi
  • Contact information Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa City Tourism Division
  • Phone number 0238-22-5111
  • FAX number 0238 (24) 4541
  • URL http://tanbo-art.com/
  • Admission Please visit our website for detail.
  • Access It is ten minutes by car from JR Yonezawa Station
  • Remarks Meeting place: Misawa Komi two tea center
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[Last updated] July 12, 2018
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