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Atsumi-gawa River, the Kaneyama gallery Shi-no-taki Waterfalls circulation trekking あつみがわ・かねやまこうどう しのたきめぐりとれっきんぐ
Colored leaves trekking over mei* "Shi-no-taki Waterfalls" of Kaneyama gallery trace and 50 meters of drops of war-torn country, Tokugawa era
Sunday, October 22, 2017 9:00 a.m.
 (Atsumigawa, Tsuruoka-shi "Nakagoya Heights" meeting)

Over Kaneyama (we stop serving) gallery, house trace, kenjo which produced Fri for war-torn country, Tokugawa era, it is 8 kilometers of roundtrips to the basin of a waterfall of fantastic mei* "Shi-no-taki Waterfalls" of 50 meters of drops, 3-hour maple-tree viewing trekking.

We can participate from primary schoolchild! Please enjoy autumn autumn colors.

◎Participation rate one 1,000 yen
◎We cultivated in clear stream which flowed from Miyama "Mikata Cangshan" of privilege Atsumi-gawa River
      1 kg of "rice of Atsumi-gawa River product" is presented by participant!
  • Name Atsumi-gawa River, Kaneyama gallery Shi-no-taki Waterfalls circulation trekking
  • Schedule It is held every year for from the middle of October to the end of October
  • Date Sunday, October 22, 2017
    ~ Sunday, October 22, 2017
  • Location Atsumigawa, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Contact information Atsumi-gawa River residents' association (chuhachi)
  • Phone number 080-1840-2848
  • URL html
  • Admission 1,000 yen
    ※We present 1 kg of "rice of Atsumi-gawa River product" which we cultivated in clear stream flowing from Miyama "Mikata Cangshan" of Atsumi-gawa River to all the participants!

  • Access It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway Tsuruoka IC
    It is approximately 20 minutes by car from Atsumi Onsen
    It is approximately 25 minutes by car from Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway Atsumi Onsen IC
  • Parking lot We can park 50 Nakagoya Heights
    We place batsman on the day along National highway No. 345.
    Batsman guides to parking lot.
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