Oori mountain pass crossing gathering

Oori mountain pass crossing gathering おおりとうげごえこうりゅうかい
One of former Yonezawa Highway 13 mountain passes.
Nature Experience, exchange meeting in gap stained with autumnal scenery
Large snake legend remains in Osato Pass who is one of old Echigo ways as old tale, and there is various reluctance of leaving in way.
Osato Pass is at Niigata and prefectural border of Yamagata Prefecture and performs interchange to walk every year across Osato Pass in Oguni-machi, Sekikawamura in both sides of mountain pass in autumn.
  • Name Oori mountain pass crossing gathering
  • Schedule Average year Oct third Sunday
  • Location 2-70, Ogunikosakamachi, Oguni-machi, Nishiokitama-gun
  • Contact information Go over Osato Pass; executive committee (Oguni-machi area maintenance inside of a section)
  • Phone number 0238-62-2431
  • Access It is 20 minutes by car from Oguni Station
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[Last updated] April 13, 2017
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