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Denshokan Festival “Naga-ita soba Sanjusangen-do”
300 or more form a line and eat Teuchi soba served to signal gong of approximately 60 meters in total length all at once.

The first 11:30 ~
The second 12:10 ~
Until the third (height of board side) from 13:00 to 13:30.
○Please gather until 30 minutes before start time.

・There is entertainment presentation, farm products sale, too
(entertainment holding from 10:30 to 14:00)
・We sell vegetables, flower in autumn!
  • Name Denshokan Museum Festival signal gong side Sanjusangen-do Temple
  • Schedule The every year middle of October
  • Location Murayama-shi Farm Village Cultural Preservation Museum open space
  • Contact information Murayama-shi Farm Village Cultural Preservation Museum
  • Phone number 0237-53-3277
  • FAX number 0237-53-5020
  • URL
  • Admission [signal gong side]
    Advance ticket: 500 yen, today's ticket: 600 yen
    [height of board side]
    Advance ticket: 600 yen, today's ticket: 700 yen
  • Access Is car than JR Murayama Station; 15 minutes
  • Remarks ※As congestion is expected in neighborhood of Denshokan Museum Festival meeting place parking lot, please use parking lot of daimakinomurakoensoku
  • Others ※Please see homepage in detail.
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[Last updated] September 20, 2017
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