Lion dance (shrine Somiya shrine annual festival)

Lion dance (shrine Somiya shrine annual festival) ししまい(みや そうみやじんじゃれいさい)
 When we are considered to be the origin of lion dance of Nagai, and there is lion dance of Somiya shrine according to the tradition of "Miyamura old tale" (Somiya shrine biography of shrine) with "staff officer oshite lion omawashimu", and Yoriyoshi Minamotono put together with the victory celebration of the Zenkunen War (1051 through 1062) now approximately 1,000 years ago and rebuilt main shrine of shrine, Somiya shrine (now), it is done with opening what let staff officers do lion dance. In addition, it is dragon King, and "Japanese sunflower princess" who cast the body in three deep waters of upper Nogawa is invited to Annual Festival of Somiya shrine, and this lion dance performer is informed when it is figure going down flow of Nogawa.
 Lion dance of Somiya shrine is appointed in intangible folk cultural properties of city by lion dance with high formality to feel tradition and history.
  • Name Lion dance (shrine Somiya shrine annual festival)
  • Schedule We do Sunday with festival period in the Sep third from September 15, and line more than 100 including omikoshi, lion dance, large paper lantern hung on a pole, large Sakaki parades in town as festival main festival every year in koretsutogo on Sunday on lion dance dedication (as for the lion dance only in the precincts), Saturday in the again week on festival eve (yoimiya), September 16 on September 15.
  • Time It is ~ with both Sun at 3:30 p.m.
  • Location 14-24 Yokomachi, Nagai-shi
  • Contact information Nagai-shi tourist association
  • Phone number 0238-88-5279
  • FAX number 0238-88-5276
  • URL
  • Access Getting off at Flower Nagai Line Ayamekoen Station, a 5-minute walk
  • Remarks Venue: Somiya Jinja Shrine
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