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Lion dance (Koide Hakusan, Kotai Shrine annual festival) ししまい(こいで はくさん・こうたいじんじゃれいさい)
It is old and begins as Shinto ritual in the origin of lion of Koide, and organization of lion people by parishioner reaches if the city is oldest. City designated immaterial folk cultural assets. Object of worship of Shiroyama Shrine was said to be line basis bishop (the Heian era) product, and, in later 1264, kansei did divided divine spirit of Hakusan, Kaga ratio  Shinto shrine, and it was in current shrine. Kotai Shrine receives main shrine building of Ise Grand Shrine and is enshrined as total local deity of whole Okitama. Hakuryu Sugawara has the history of two and obi as small shrine palm in 1873.
  • Name Lion dance (Koide Hakusan, Kotai Shrine annual festival)
  • Schedule Annual festival Sun is held every year on Sunday on Saturday in the Sep second
  • Date Saturday, September 9, 2017
    ~ Sunday, September 10, 2017
  • Time 9th Shiroyama Shrine
    10th Kotai Shrine
  • Location Koide, Nagai-shi
  • Contact information Nagai-shi tourist association
  • Phone number 0238-88-5279
  • FAX number 0238-88-5276
  • URL
  • Access Flower Nagai Line Nagai Station getting off, a 10-minute walk
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[Last updated] August 16, 2017
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