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Meeting of Komachi Nagai "Gathering of old story" ながいこまちのかい「むかしかたりのつどい」
Presentation where "meeting of Komachi Nagai" carries out meeting of old story that is active in Nagai-shi once a year.
We perform oral narration of "omoshai" story and "fearful" old story that have been handed down in area with dialect of Okitama district.
  • Name Meeting "gathering of old story" of Komachi Nagai
  • Schedule It is held in Sep every year
  • Location Forest of education having a long 1, Tookamachi, Nagai-shi 11-7
  • Contact information Forest of education is long
  • Phone number 0238-88-4151
  • URL
  • Admission No charge for admission
  • Access Than Nagai Station a 10-minute walk
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[Last updated] January 30, 2017
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