Lion dance (Utamaru Utamaru Shrine annual festival)

Lion dance (Utamaru Utamaru Shrine annual festival) ししまい(うたまる うたまるじんじゃれいさい)
We are introduced as it was done divided divine spirit from Usa Hachiman shrine in 713 (Wado 5) and enshrine together with Koyasu, Omiya Shinto shrine which is famous as God of child in 1946 and rename to current "Utamaru Shinto shrine" from Utamaru Hachiman Shrine. The brave "inside of a cover" which greatly leans on "faith" (do not believe) and guard to provide big sound by tooth after having warped so that we greatly open mouth, and the ground has face. Figure having banquet sacred sake (Miki) in mouth which greatly opened out is characteristic lion dance not to be seen elsewhere.
  • Name Lion dance (Utamaru Utamaru Shrine annual festival)
  • Schedule Every year Sep first Saturday and Sunday
  • Time It is ~ in both Sun Tomo at 3:00 p.m.
  • Location 2, Hongo, Utamaru, Nagai-shi 1521-1
  • Contact information Nagai-shi tourist association
  • Phone number 0238-88-5279
  • FAX number 0238-88-5276
  • URL
  • Access JR Yonesaka Line "Imaizumi Station" is car than Flower Nagai Line "Imaizumi Station"; ten minutes
  • Remarks Venue: Utamaru Shrine
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[Last updated] September 06, 2019
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