Mamurogawa festival

Mamurogawa festival
Bon festival dance meet at the station square is held on the night of 16th. Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs parade parades around town by straight song live performance of Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs on 17th! Concert of heroic shinyotogo and primary and secondary student of Yamakami Shrine enlivens Festival. And "2016 Mamuro-gawa River fireworks displays" are held at night.
  • Name Mamurogawa festival
  • Schedule Every year from August 16 to August 17
  • Location 127-5, Aramachi, Mamurogawa-machi, Mogami-gun
  • Contact information Association of Mamurogawa-machi sightseeing product
  • Phone number 0233-62-2111
  • FAX number 0233-62-2731
  • Access Is car than Higashine I.C.; 80 minutes
    The front immediate than JR Mamurogawa Station
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[Last updated] July 18, 2019
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