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Pool splashing river ~ which flows through Hygeia Beach ~
Summer eyeball, Hygeia Beach of Hygeia Park Nanyo standing on the small hill which can overlook Okitama basin open.
In the splashing river of featured attraction, fast flowing stream of 150m using slant of nature is downhill.
Child is delighted by force of thrill perfect score, too!

  • Name Pool splashing river ~ which flows through Hygeia Beach ~
  • Schedule Saturday and Sunday and weekdays (during summer vacation period every day) of every year Jul Aug
    ※For more details, look at the homepage "haijiapaku business day".
  • Time 10:00-17:00
  • Location 1855-10, Wano, Nanyo-shi Hygeia Park Nanyo
  • Contact information Hygeia Park Nanyo
  • Phone number 0238-45-2200
  • FAX number 0238-45-3006
  • URL
  • Access It is approximately ten minutes by getting off at JR East Ou Main Line Akayu Station car
    When you come than the Kanto area (Tohoku Expressway → R13)
    ※It is one hour ten minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway, Iizaka, Fukushima I.C.
    When you come than the Niigata area (R7 → R113)
    When you come than the Miyagi area (Yamagata Expressway → R13)
    ※It is 50 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway, Yamagata zao I.C.
  • Remarks ※For more details, please see haijiapaku official site.
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[Last updated] July 05, 2015
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