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Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu founder Festivals ゆどのさんかいざんさい
Okuno-in Temple "Mount Yudono" creator of Dewa San-zan event
"Mount Yudono" called Okuno-in Temple of Dewa San-zan opening of the mountaineering season event.
Mount Yudono Shrine Motomiya is prohibited from photography, and worship is Shinto shrine known as severe admonition called strict prohibition without shoes.
Huge rock that hot spring springs out is object of worship and is full of many worshipers.
On the day we pray for jowazawaimanekifuku of various places of the next mountain and pray for security of tohaisha during period.
(Mount Yudono founder period: for the late April and early November)
  • Name Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu founder Festivals
  • Schedule Every year June 1
  • Time 11:00 ~
  • Location 60, Tamugimata, Tsuruoka-shi village forest 7
  • Contact information Mount Yudono Shrine Hongu
  • Phone number 0235-54-6433
  • URL
  • Admission One purification charges 500 yen
  • Access It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway Mt. Gassan IC
    It is approximately 40 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway Shonai ASAHI IC
  • Parking lot 150
  • Remarks Toll road normal car 400 yen
    Worship communication bus roundtrip 300 yen
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[Last updated] June 06, 2016
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