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Sightseeing in oguni Bracken (warabi) garden
Sharing of megumi of Mori
Take sunlight that ~ is warm full
  ~ that delicious Bracken (warabi) appeared unexpectedly
It is sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden of Oguni-machi of great bustle in wild plants season.
You can enjoy nature and a fun time touching while gathering nyokinyoki and Bracken (warabi) which it grew on slope of mountain.
  • Name Sightseeing in oguni Bracken (warabi) garden
  • Schedule The early May and late July
  • Time ※As held time varies according to each Bracken (warabi) garden, please confirm on homepage
  • Contact information Oguni-machi tourist association
  • Phone number 0238-62-2416
  • URL
  • Access It is from ten minutes to 40 minutes from Oguni Station
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[Last updated] April 13, 2017
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