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Tendo Sakura Festival Human Japanese Chess てんどうさくらまつり にんげんしょうぎ
"Human Shogi" which colors spring of Tendo
 On the stage of Mt. Maizuru blooming in profusion, Musha and chambermaids who wrapped the body in armor and kimono figure become piece of shogi, and approximately 2,000 cherry trees move over board according to moving of professional shogi player. Please see magnificent times picture scroll.
  • Name Tendo Sakura Festival Human Shogi
  • Date April 22 (Sat), 2017
    ~ Sunday, April 23, 2017
  • Location Tendo Park (the Mt. Maizuru mountaintop)
  • Contact information (no company) association of sightseeing in Tendo-shi product
  • Phone number 023-653-1680
  • FAX number 023-653-1685
  • Access It is approximately 20 minutes on foot from JR Yamagata Shinkansen Tendo Station
    ※Shuttle bus runs from city hall, Tendo Station, Roadside Station "Tendo Hot Springs"
  • Parking lot Around Tendo-shi government office, Lake Atago parking lot (the Mt. Maizuru foot)
    ※For traffic regulation, we cannot use mountaintop parking lot
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[Last updated] November 25, 2016
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