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Yutagawa Onsen Plum Festival ゆたがわおんせん うめまつり
Various plums are in full glory.
There are four days Events date. After checking schedule, please go out.
※It may be called off in case of rain.

[event on Sunday]
Both 4/5 Sunday, Sunday, April 12 Sun
●Presentation 13:30 ~ of Yutagawa Onsen noh dance

[event on Monday]
Both 4/6 Monday, Monday, April 13 Sun
● Outdoor tea ceremony (dandy) from 10:00 to 15:00 of proprietress
Sale of Matcha by proprietress society and handmade steamed bun "Omoi no mama"

There is inn which drops in, and takes a bath, and gives a service. Please feel free to contact each inn about rate and bathing.

Approximately 300 Japanese apricots with red blossoms, white plum blossoms look forward to your coming.
  • Name Yutagawa Onsen plum Festival
  • Schedule It is the middle in Apr every year
  • Location Yutagawa, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Contact information Yutagawa Onsen tourist association
  • Phone number 0235-35-4111
  • URL
  • Access It is Yutagawa Onsen area bus 20 minutes from Tsuruoka Station
  • Parking lot 100 including joint parking lot in Yutagawa Onsen
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[Last updated] March 20, 2015
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