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Kasuga Jinja Ceremony of offering prayers for the nation's security and good harvest (Kurokawa Noh Service) かすがじんじゃ きねんさい(くろかわのう ほうし)
Service of festival country finger Sadashige pivot immaterial folk cultural assets "Kurokawa Noh" in hope of staple grains abundant harvest spring
It is festival to pray for staple grains abundant harvest performed in Kasuga Shrine said to be the foundation in early stage of 806 (Daido 2) in the Heian era.
After Shinto ritual such as shrine maiden's dance or sprig of a sacred tree dedication was held in main shrine, it is served ability second-rate of country finger Sadashige pivot formlessness folk cultural assets "Kurokawa Noh" which passes more than 500 years, and has been handed down, the Noh comedy first.
  • Name Kasuga Shrine ceremony of offering prayers for the nation's security and good harvest (Kurokawa Noh service)
  • Schedule March 23
  • Date Thursday, March 23, 2017
    ~ Thursday, March 23, 2017
  • Time 10:00 ~
  • Location 291 Miyanoshita, Kurokawa, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Contact information Kurokawa-Noh-no-Sato, Ogi Hall
  • Phone number 0235-57-5310
  • URL html
  • Admission Sprig of a sacred tree charges 5,000 yen
  • Access From JR Tsuruoka Station: 20 min by car
    From Shonai Asahi Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 20 min by car
    From Tsuruoka-Nishi Interchange of Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway: 30 min
  • Parking lot 80 lots
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[Last updated] February 13, 2017
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