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Young bird circulation ~ of Sakata young bird highway ~ Minato, Sakata さかたひなかいどう
There remained much and, in Sakata, Minato-cho full of Edo and Kyoto, trade with Osaka (existing Osaka), has been kept venerable doll which had been carried by goods-carrying merchant ship carefully once. If there are very many things which exerted ze;zei, the Dolls' Festival to be handed down to old family of Sakata is said to be.

During period, we display "umbrella fortune" that loaded decoration that simple "Udogawara doll" coming to venerable "doll" which has been inherited carefully and hometown varies with wish from the Edo era gorgeously.

In addition, various Events is held during period and provide young bird low dining table and young bird sweets for a limited time in city restaurant and confectionary. Specifically, please see brochure.

We present small present to one that had you participate in stamp rally questionnaire as fun plan this year.
In addition, during period, appearing drawing card> of <Dolls' Festival is installed in JR Sakata Station, Tsuruoka Station, Shonai Airport. As you present small present to which had SNS achieve shot with appearing signboard, please show at each Establishment place.

[main display facility required]

・Homma Museum of Art / Doll's Festival classic doll exhibition
・Former Main Residence of Honma and the Dolls' Festival of the annex "shop" / Honmas
・Old stirrup shop / young bird highway special display
・Umbrella fortune and Jusaburo Tsujimura product "sakatano young bird play" of Sanno kurabu / Sakata, Minato-cho
・The Dolls' Festival of Soma-ro / Sakata
・The Dolls' Festival of the hall / Minato Sakata Katos of Sankyo Warehouse Sakata Yume-no-Kura sinter
・Classic name young bird and antique art object which Sakata Aioi Kudo Museum / goods-carrying merchant ship carried
・Old umbrella fortune and classic young bird of seikameen / fifth Sakata
・Sakata City museum / goods-carrying merchant ship and Dolls' Festival
・The Dolls' Festival and cut, cake for the Dolls' Festival of Sakata-shi Matsuyama Culture Folklore Museum / mountain to wait for
・The old Abe's Residence / The old Abe's Residence Doll's Festival
・sakata medium-grade articles mall arcade / umbrella fortune and decoration to look at on foot
・~ old and new things, classic young bird exhibition to look at at Marlene 5 Shimizuya / ~ art art gallery
・The Dolls' Festival and umbrella fortune (we hang and display) among umbrella fortune studio / first pictures
・Handicraft of umbrella Fukuya / first umbrella fortune and umbrella fortune

[please use young bird circulation ticket especially]

We made done "visiting special young birds ticket" of visiting facilities at advantageous price.
 We set up in ・ Sakata Station and Sankyo Warehouse Sakata Yume-no-Kura.
 We can output from ・ homepage
 Even notice with ・ cell-phone and tablet is available
  • Name Young bird circulation ~ of Sakata young bird highway ~ Minato, Sakata
  • Schedule From Wednesday, March 1 to Monday, April 3
  • Date Wednesday, March 1, 2017
    – 3 (Mon), 2017
  • Time It varies according to each facility
  • Location The Sakata city
  • Contact information Sakata Tourism and Product Association
  • Phone number 0234-24-2233
  • Admission It varies according to each facility
  • PDF file PDF download
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[Last updated] February 14, 2017
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